Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National ParkThe Aberdares are volcanic mountain ranges that are part of the Central highlands and lie west of Mount Kenya. The mountain forms the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and is surrounded by a predominantly indigenous forest. The National Park lies mainly above the tree line running along the 10,000ft contour with some forest and scrub at lower altitude in the 'salient' area near Nyeri with the boundary running down to the 7000ft contour

Climate is mostly wet throughout the year, with precipitation varying from around 1000mm yearly on the north western slopes to as much as 3000mm in the south east.

The unusual vegetation, rugged terrain, streams and waterfalls combine to create an area of great scenic beauty in the National Park. The two main peaks, Ol Donyo Lesatima (3,999m) and Kinangop (3,906m) are a major attraction for visitors. Other attractions include waterfalls, walks in the moorlands, Twin hills, Elephant hills and Table mountains and wildlife such as Elephants and black rhinos in Salient and Northern Aberdares. There are two "Tree" Hotels in the park- the Ark & Treetops Lodge. Queen Elizabeth of England learned of her accession to the throne at Tree-tops


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