Masai Mara National Reserve



Masai Mara Game Reserve lies in South - Western Kenya bordering Serengeti National Park, on the Tanzania border. This park is arguably Kenya's finest wildlife sanctuary. Everything about this reserve is outstanding. The wildlife is abundant and the gentle rolling grassland ensures that animals are never out of sight. Birds too are prolific, including migrant birds and 57 species of birds of prey.

The climate is gentle, rarely too hot and well spread rainfall year round. When it rains, it is almost always in the late afternoon or night. In the dry season July-October) the reserve is a major concentration area of migratory herbivores including approximately 250,000 zebra and 1.3 million wildebeest. There are also gazelle, elephant, topi, buffalo, lion (Kenya's largest population), black rhino, hippo, hyena, giraffe, leopard, and mongoose

The wildlife is far from being confined within the Reserve boundaries and an even larger area, generally refered to as the 'dispersal area' extends north and east of the game Reserve. Maasai live within the dispersal area with their stock but centuries of close association with the wildllife has resulted in an almost symbiotic relationship where wildlife and people live in peace with one another.


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